Buying New vs. Old


There are many reasons for you to choose to buy a newly built home over an existing structure. Repair costs on an older home can become a hassle, and you can’t always get exactly what you want. While beautiful and classic structures have proven their sturdiness and weathered many years, they were designed for older life styles, and may not feature space for many of the modern amenities we have available to us now! It’s really not surprising that 25% of home purchasers are buying new vs. old or replacing existing structures.


There are three types of new build homes, but what it really comes down to is choice. You can choose to purchase a prefabricated home, which is already designed and built, a semi-custom home as part of a neighbourhood development, or a fully custom home, where you choose the builder, the design, the materials, everything down to the finishes!

You home is truly a reflection of you. Home builders are always happy to show off their works, and want you to be completely satisfied with every step of the progress. New homes have features built in for comfort. They’re up to today’s modern environmental standards and energy efficiency. They’re also already up to building code! No need to renovate to bring anything up to modern standards, as they are already there.


New homes also come with a warranty, which guarantees the workmanship of the home, so if something does go wrong, your home will be repaired. Professional builders stand behind their work, so it’s peace-of-mind when you’re purchasing a new home. 

Old homes can have a classic feel, but are often wrought with issues from past owners, lifestyle changes, and age. Many were designed before the idea of accessibility, and were laid out to fit the space instead making the space work for the layout. Shifting ground can make for foundation issues from times before newer technologies for sturdier homes had been developed. With a new build, you’re also the first person to live in the home, so you never have to deal with the emotional ties of the previous owner, which can cause complications when negotiating upgrades or changes in the closing phase.


Because new build homes can be fully customized to your needs (and wants!), you should really take time to think about what those might be when considering the purchase of a new home! 

Consider how many bedrooms you need (now, and in the future) and how many bathrooms, space for a home office, glamour room, or workshop space, what type of family space you will need to bring everyone together, and even how much and what type of parking space you will need for your home. Do you have an accessibility need, such as a main for bedroom, or wheelchair accessibility? Is a pool or fireplace part of your dream home? Also consider your needs for the future – if your family grows, your ability needs change, or you need to move a family member into your home, it’s nice to have the extra space available.

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