When choosing a new place to live, proximity is everything! As Newcastle Communities grows our neighbourhood reach, we want you to find the best amenities and commute for you! But what makes the community the best community for you?


Things like the neighbourhood walk score, access to hospitals, proximity to school and shopping amenities are likely the first things that come to mind.

The walk score of a neighbourhood indicates the ability to walk to amenities within the area, and what your commute will look like to different parts of your city, based on your mode of transportation. It may be an important factor if you enjoy exploring your neighbourhood or want to live close to your office. You can find the walk score of your neighbourhood at


You’ll want to know how close you are to hospitals, police, and fire departments in case of an emergency, but also because sirens of  vehicles as they depart on their way to emergencies  can be a disturbance if they’re going off near by. Ideally, you want to be far enough away that  the noise won’t bother you, but not so far away that it would take a long time for them to arrive. Also be aware of your proximity to hydrants for similar reasons. Check the crime statistics of your neighbourhood by accessing the website of, or speaking to local police services.


Are you a gourmand, a chef, or just enjoy the finer things? Check the local cafes and restaurants, and get to know the grocery stores and convenience shops in the area. If you run out of milk in a pinch it’s good to know where you need to pop by! Knowing where the best grocery stores are for your needs is important as well, especially if you have dietary needs for health or religious reasons. Also, if you love to grow and garden, you may want to look into city ordinances for the neighbourhood. 


Visit the neighbourhood at different times of day to assess the type of people in the neighbourhood. Do you have a dog or plan or getting one? Find out if your neighbours also have pets, and if they’re friendly to others, or if there is a dog park near by. Do people take morning jogs through the area? Does everyone leave for work around the same time? Is the area mostly retirees who enjoy outdoor activities? Try to get a feel for the lifestyle of the neighbourhood so that it best fits what your needs are. If you have, or plan on having children, it’s nice to seek out neighbourhoods with playgrounds and schools near by, and other parents in the neighbourhood will create a familial sense.

Choosing the right neighbourhood is combination of feel and research, and only you and your family can make the decision where you need to be. Whatever works best for you, if there is land, we can help build a custom home in the neighbourhood of your dreams.